Adeline van Waning

Vitality and passion, on the one hand, and stillness and refinement, on the other, meet in the work of Adeline Van Waning. Her work breathes wonder, space, simplicity, silence and a receptive openness to which the viewer is invited, in which all that is can show up. Painting for her is: surrender, not standing in the way; here un-learning often takes precedence over learning. Adeline mainly works with acrylic paints, ink, charcoal, chalk and selfmade natural extracts, on different kinds of paper with special texture, like white rag, colourful Nepalese Lokta paper (peppertree) and Japanese rice- and kozo paper (with fibers of mulberry tree).

Painting and drawing have always offered a welcome balance with her work as a psychiatrist for children and adults. She painted at `Kunstweb', Amsterdam (oil, water colours), and with Michiel Dhont (acrylic, charcoal). Peter Schenk has been a source of inspiration since 2004, in painting with a model, in landscape and abstraction, in multiple media. Sumi-e (black-ink painting), and calligraphy lessons with Hiroko Ishikawa refined her palette of expression.

Some recent exhibitions:

Beauty Studio `Les Visages’, Amsterdam, March – September 2008, solo

Religious Circle, Aerdenhout, September – October 2007, solo