ALEX TURCO is an art designer. By fusing his artistic sensitivity and manual skills with innovative and exciting experimental techniques drawn from the disciplines of photography and graphic design, he has developed his own personal language.

The result is a unique mixed technique, applied to articles of interior design introducing a "new artistic brand" and bringing together the worlds of ART , FASHION and DESIGN .

ALEX TURCO works to define a new lifestyle in its own right and propose and disseminate a new concept of "art applied to interior design".

His creations are exclusive items to complement modern, innovative interiors with a remarkable capacity for adaptability resulting from his ability to establish themes, colours and dimensions. Every item is created adhering faithfully to the principle of becoming one with the interior for which it is destined.


The  FASHION PANELS  are original and unique art works: rigid lacquered wood panels onto which ALEX TURCO  applies various supports and styles with his distinctive and personal techniques.

The panels have standard dimensions (70x70 cm, 100x100 cm, 140x80 cm and 180x60 cm), but they can also be custom made to meet the client's specific requests and be perfectly integrated in any chosen setting.


Every April at Design Week in Milan, ALEX TURCO presents a new theme-based collection.

A limitless collection of FASHION PANELS, created with the same photo & graphic layout and then personalised by the art designer's flair and handicraft.

The body, feminine sensuality, individual ideas, dreams and idols have been and will be the topics of past and future years.

Strong messages expressed as a result of the art designer's unstinting stylistic and conceptual evolution.


ALEX TURCO creates personalised PANELS for public and private spaces.

Clients are involved intimately in every step of the creative process to ensure total satisfaction, with the finished results meeting their expectations fully.

Fascinating portraits or unique creations representing a new proposal specifically intended for businesses (hotels, fashion, entertainment, wine and dining, tourism and wellbeing), developing an original and effective brand identity for the client.


CUBES is the new, second product conceived by ALEX TURCO .

His aptitude in fusing art and design is successfully expressed in this piece of interior décor.

A product embodying the diversity of modern interior design: cubes measuring 45x45x75 cm in stainless steel or iron, offered as sparkling silver, gold, bronze or white lacquer variants and decorated with laser printing or by hand, by the art designer himself.

These articles may used as simple accessories to the décor, innovative seats, bedside tables or unusual occasional tables.