Anne Berit Brogaard

Born in Denmark 1950


Educated from School of Design and Crafts – Copenhagen – 1968 - 72

Dupont School for Decoration and graphic – Copenhagen – 1973

Pupil of Ole Lambertzen – Painter and art teacher – Odense Art school – 1994 - 96


Artworks : Oil on canvas – Pastel on paper


Member of : Fyns Billedkunstnerværksteder og Gæsteatelier Hollufgård – Denmark                     Nordisk Pastel Forum – Denmark


Exhibitions : Various galleries , art-exhibition buildings , Institutions, art - communityes and art-societyes  all over Denmark since 1976.


After severe and life threatening illness, - I have been touring and trekking in Norway, Sweden and Iceland, since summer 2004.

All those sights and fabulous landscapes gave me the passion for rocks and stones, earth and sand, lava and floating ore steaming hot water, - all basic elements for life itself, and have been my main inspiration ever since .



Statement :

 “ When I focus on the wilderness – the virgin nature and its expansiveness in all directions – as my main impression of the country, at the same time choosing as my working method a close contact with landscapes and their creatures, zooming in on patterns and structures in rocks and lava stones , this may look like a paradox, but it is not.

In this way I can pass on the experience – of finding the hidden understanding of the totality in the little details, and through this close reading a story evolves. “