born in 1974, a graduate of the Jagiellonian University in Cracow. He is also a member of Na Pograniczu Association of Art Creators. He has also been involved in the organization of several exhibitions of leading Polish artists at Obecna Gallery in Jaworzno, including Edward Dwurnik, Jacek Waltos, Jacek Sroka, Stanislaw Rodzinski, Wladyslaw Pluta, Jacek Rykala and others. He works in a studio in the vicinity of Ojców near Cracow.


  • (ex equo) winner of the 9 th National Art Competition named after Vincent van Gogh in the painting category (only equivalent awards were granted) – Rybnik 2001,
  • honourable mention at the 13 th Art Competition named after Pawel Wróbel – Katowice 2002,
  • honourable mention at ARS POPULI National Art Triennale– Cracow 2002,
  • honourable mention at the 11 th National Art Competition named after Vincent van Gogh in drawing and graphics category – Rybnik 2003.
  • Polonia Television Grand Prix and Award named after Agnieszka Osiecka at the 24 th Castle Gatherings in Olsztyn won with MUZYCZNA ARMIA ZACIEZNA group of Wojciech Brzezinski - 1997,
  • Honourable mention won together with the same group at the Student Song Festival in Cracow in 1996.


  • Jaworzno Municipal Museum - January 2000
  • Cultural Centre Gallery in Rybnik - March 2000
  • Mini Gallery in Cracow - April 2000
  • Municipal Culture and Sports Centre Gallery in Jaworzno - August 2000
  • Chamber Gallery in Jaworzno - April 2002
  • Borderline II Gallery in Myslowice – June - July 2003
  • Chamber Gallery in Jaworzno – March 2008.


  • Borderline Gallery – Post-outdoor Exhibition Jurgów 2001 - Myslowice 2001.
  • Nowa Huta Cultural Centre - Cracow 2002
  • Borderline Gallery – Exhibition to celebrate the 10 th Anniversary of the Association and Borderline Gallery - Myslowice 2005
  • European Masters of Modern Art Biennale - Burgau (Austria) – 14 th April 2007 – 5 th May 2007