Christophe Muylaert      

I was born in 1967 and am currently living and working in Bruges (Belgium).

From 1989 until 2004 I attended drawing, painting and video classes at the academies of Bruges, Anderlecht and Ostend. During the period from 1993 until 1997 I did a masters in Philosophy, specializing in esthetics. From 2004 onwards I started showing my work to the public on a regular basis.

At this moment in time I make oil paintings and video-installations.

My paintings are situated between abstraction and figuration. A formal approach is essential to me. Recently I started painting abstracted seascapes, mainly because the impervious and endless nature of the ocean strongly appeals to me.  In romanticist esthetics reference is made to the "sublime" in order to express the spiritual experience of the Absolute when man is confronted with nature in its vastness.

In my videowork I try to materialize concepts and sensibilities that are more difficult to process in painting. I hereby combine video and painting in order to create a "fusion" of both media - the projected image and the painted surface or object are made to merge, until the point where both cannot be distinguished anymore and a new medium comes to life.

1985 -1989 Master Military and Nautical sciences, KMS Brussels
1993 -1997 Master Philosophy, University Gent
1989 -1993 Higher degree in art education, division painting, Academy Bruges
1998 - 2000 Specialisation in painting, Academy Bruges Brugge and Academy Anderlecht (Brussels)
2000 - 2004 Higher degree in art education, division film and video, Academy Ostend

Received the achievement award 'Prijs De Meyer' for painting in 1998 at the academy of Bruges.


2009 (in preparation)Den Heeck Gallery, Bornem

2008 De Werf Arts Centre, Bruges (videoinstallation)
2007 Feel Contemporary Art Gallery, Amsterdam
          Indigo Gallery, Damme

          De Werf Arts Centre, Bruges (videoinstallation)
2005 Pick's Art Gallery, Ostend
2004 DW Gallery, Hansbeke


2008 Brick Lane Gallery, London

          Pick’s Art Gallery, Ostend

          Feel Contemporary Art Gallery, Amsterdam

2007 Pick's Art Gallery, Ostend
2006 Experimental filmproject 'Cinema Voltaire' Brussels
          Pick's Art Gallery, Ostend
          Panta Rei Gallery, Bruges
2005 Video- and filmfestival Mechelen
2003 3D Gallery, Ostend
2002 3D Gallery, Ostend
2000 Bogaerdenchapell, Bruges
1999 Europacollege, Brugge
1998 Pâté©duchef, Bruges
          Sant Kunstsalon, Bruges