Life and work of Gerrit Faber      

Drawing and painting has been one of my favourite activities since I was a young boy. After completing the secondary school I entered university to study economics, in order to follow my interest in issues of development and globalisation. I work as an economist at Utrecht University. I never stopped painting. Over the last 15 years I devoted more and more time to develop myself as a painter. I attended courses in painting and drawing, both in institutes  (such as the Wackers Academy in Amsterdam) and master classes (model painting by Sam Drukker and Bert Osinga) and in the studio of painters. I started to exhibit my art in 1998. My work in art and in economics came happily together in the group exhibition ‘A wealth of creations’ at the Utrecht School of Economics in 2007.

I find inspiration for my paintings in my immediate environment. I have a long fascination for ships and water, being an enthusiastic yachtsman myself. Ships trigger my imagination. Their strength, colours and elegance hold the promise of crossing seas and landing at foreign coasts.  In my paintings of ships and boats I try to convey these ideas and emotions that I get when observing ships or feeling a moving deck under my feet. In the Marziart Internationale Galerie I exhibit nautical work, as Hamburg is a fitting environment for this work, being a busy international port.

The landscapes that I live in are a second source of inspiration. I live in Amsterdam, a city that is a warehouse of captivating urban landscapes. People are a third source of inspiration. In isolation or in relation to their surroundings or to other people, it is always a challenge to get them on paper or canvas in the right way.



Solo exhibition in Cultural Centre De Badcuyp, Amsterdam. December 1998/January 1999. 

‘Maritiem’ in Home Galerie Cocq Scheltens, Aalsmeer, July/Augustus 2004

Galerie De Brugspin, Ter Aar, 13 november tot 9 december 2004

Solo exhibition in RUIMTE, Amsterdam, October/November 2005

’A wealth of creations’  Utrecht School of Economics, June 2007