Herman van de Poll

My topic is chaos. In my eyes chaos is a power. By our power aiming at nature we draw, according to my opinion, instead of the "chaos in the order" the "order in the chaos"

Our analytical institution makes our ignorantly of entirely. The aim which I have put, is its own making the chaos theory of Mandelbrot. "FRACTAL".

A manner to see infinity. According to me the sense is here on continue a realization of simple, infinite seeing in our restrictions.

My efforts to meet the " Sublime"  gives me a feeling of immense freedom.

The sublime gives a vague feeling.

Quotation of a press bulletin:

Artist with large passion for abstract painting and drawing with as topic CHAOS. The language has been based on mathematical forms from the chaos theory of Mandelbrot.

The colors are mostly primary. Technique is acrylic on linen and pencil /red ochre on paper. The artist has several exhibitions on its name.



2005              GGZ locatie Assen en Beilen    ArTransfusie(kunstenaarsgroep)  group

                        kunst-cultuur vierdaagse Midden Drenthe                                        group                            Hoogeveense Lente  ArTransfusie(kunstenaarsgroep)                   group

                        CBK Drenthe galerie van de Veen                                                        group

                      “Bekijk Het Maar”kunstroute Drenthe                                                    group

                        galerie de Blauwe Roos (t/m 8 januari 2006)                                      group

2006               galerie AMI te Verviers (Belgie)                                                              groep

                        galerie de 4B,s  Peize                                                                                  group

                        galerie de Pronkkoamer Saaxumhuizen                                              group

                        Provinciehuis Drenthe Assen                                                                   solo

2007               CBKdrenthe nijverheidsweg 35a Assen                                               solo

                        Galerie Verviers te Verviers België                                                        group

                        Het Glazenhuis te Amsterdam “Trialoog over ruimte”                   group

2008               galerie Het Kunstbedrijf Heemstede                                                     group