Ilan Aronovici

Discovery and Wonder in Everyday Life

“At this time my work reflects on the innocence of youth and the visual harmony that is possible among people, among creatures and among the varied environments we find ourselves sharing.  The themes are often explored through the eyes of children as the venue for delivering the message.  The goal is to evoke a sense of marvel and optimism in the viewer.  I’ve accomplished this end to the extent that you the viewer feel content when looking at my paintings.  The challenge of working with light and creating the illusion of depth on a stretched and flat surface continues to inspire and motivate me”.

Ilan Aronovici uses a variety of techniques to bring about his objective for the art work in progress.  He continually adapts his methods to suit the specific theme of the latest piece.  Not with standing this approach, each work has an undeniable style that unites the artist with his paintings.  “
For me it’s the theme, the composition and the message of the painting that is at the forefront of what I do”. 

Many of Aronovici’s paintings are inspired by spontaneous instances of human elements interacting with environmental elements in a visually pleasing manner.  The random moment is first experienced, then filtered and transformed into an idea via perception and reflection.  The idea slowly evolves into a painting and the process is complete: “There is a common thread of simple themes running through my work.  I try to convey a relationship in much of what I do.  People and nature are often essential to my pieces”.

Ilan Aronovici is most influenced by early modern and modern European painting traditions.  He was a student of renowned artist and Professor Gentile Tondino (1923-2001) more than two decades ago, while attending University. He has been sketching, painting and sculpting for most of his life and he continues to study many of the great historic painting traditions.  He currently makes his home in the State of Florida. 

"My work is included in private collections throughout North America.  I believe
in creating a quality, original piece from beginning to end.   In most cases the stretcher bars are assembled by hand and the fine grade Belgian linen is carefully hand-stretched using traditional techniques.  Paint is applied to the edge and around the sides of the canvas giving the observer a great view from all angles.  This is known as the gallery wrap technique.