Rich. Dethlefsen                                   

born in Esbjerg 1956, I have been making different kind of arts for the last 30 years. I don´t use any kind of CV's, because it will be disturbing to the people, watching my work. My motto is: "listen to your eyes, and make your own decision".
I get my inspiration from everywhere and it comes to me like a flash, even when I sleep I get new ideas, I can also get it from troubleshooting other things, you always get a free win when you are troubleshooting.
As child I was very creative and I was driving my parents crazy during funny things all the time, my curiosity was bigger than my fear and still is.
I just want to have some fun with all kinds of people and from everywhere, art is a international language, and I love it.




1991 Amnesti International exhibition Denmark

1991-2008.BRA Forårs/Efterårs/vinter-udstilling Denmark

2000.Sct. Petersborg festival

Coloristisk jamsesion. Tobakken Esbjerg, Denmark

2002. IPE. International printart exhibition,

Daejeon Jung-gu Cultural center. Korea

2003. Printart – Esbjerg-Korea Images of Asia

Yu Byoung-ho, Kim Jeen, Paik Chul, Rich. Dethlefsen.

2003. Anniversary of St. Petersburg exhibition

Bjørn Thomsen, Erik Brøndberg, Dorthe Kissow, Rich. Dethlefsen.

St. Petersburg, Russia.

2004. Rich+4. Korean Curency Museum

Yu Byoung-ho, Kim Jeen, Paik Chul, Hong yong-sun, Rich. Dethlefsen.


2005. Esbjerg-Hjælpen Denmark.

2005.Galleri Nyhavn 43. København Denmark

2006. Øksne hallen København Denmark.

2006.Roskilde festival. Roskilde. Denmark

2006.Galleri loyd. Oslo, Norway.

2007. Politikens Hus København Denmark

2007. Det Danske Kultur Institut, Bruxelles Belgiun

2007. EU-art museum. Malmø, Sweden.

2008. Lessedra gallery & Contemporary Art Project.

Sofia, Bulgaria.

2008. Gaude Mater. The center of culture Promotion.

Czestochowa, Poland.

2008. Galleri Amare. Stavanger, Norway.

2008. Kalklinbanans mobile exhibition,

Eskilstuna, Sweden

2008. “A Viagem” at Chaoyang Park

Beijing, China

Strandgalleriet, Vejers

Kulturhuset Ølgod

Galleri Kolvig, Ribe.

Esbjerg Seminarium

Kunstsalen Oksbøl

Musikhuset Esbjerg

Galleri Pakhuset

Museet Ribes vikinger

Esbjerg lufthavn, Esbjerg.

Esbjerg Rådhus

Tinghuset, Esbjerg

Varde Kunstforening

Kunsthuset Samsø

Rambøll Esbjerg.


Sydbank Esbjerg.

Danske bank Esbjerg.

BG Bank Esbjerg.

Amts Gården Ribe.

Dokken Esbjerg.

Galleri Patriciahuset.