Sema Culam

has began her art career in hıgh school years wiht oil painting.After began whit oil her career in hıgh school,in 1976-1977 she worked figures at İzmir (Turkey)paint sculpt Museum with Mr.Turgut Pura(sculptor).In 1978-1979 she worked at İzmir-Buca Education in Stitule Painting class,Mr.Cavit Atmaca(artist)  and  Mr.Şeref  Bigalı (artıst) studios ,at the begining,she worked figurative abstr act paintings.After year 2000,she been working naive paintings..The  artist daydreams an undirty clean nature an contumacy for disappear of the nature,she works these kind of painting.Being a member of International Asscıation Art (UNESCO A.I.A.P) Artist union.She has many creations in domestic and abroad (as Japan,France,Germany,USA,Spain,Serbia) collection.She continues her working at her studio in İstanbul.

October 27 – November 4, my exhibition in the International İstanbul Art Exhibition

Exhibition Invitation
New York da (Agora sanat 29.2.2008/20.3.2008
- 11 October, 2007-7 Jannary 2008  - Museum of Naive and Marginal Art, Jagodina,SERBIA
 13th Biennial of Naive and Marginal Art (16. in line)

- Belgrad Gallery Cvijeta Zuzoric  8 / 27 Ocak 2008  SERBIA

-  Musée International D'Art Naïf MİDAN (2 paintings)-PARİS ; an exhibition is considered to be realized in 2009 

- V Muestra de Arte Naïf Europeo March,12- May 8, 2008 exhibition-MADRİD
4.Nisan / 8 Mayıs-2008  Hamburg Marziart Internationale Galerie
   Malschule + Studio

-  05 / 13 Luglio  -2008  Galleria Crispi - ROMA

2005 Mikro-Kredi National Art  Bienali,Honor Certificate,
2000 National  Naif  Painting  Competition,1. Reward
1993 Turk ey Womans Unity (8 may. Woman Days.competition.) 2. Reward


2007  16.İstanbul International  Art Fair ,Tüyap 

2007   İstanbul international Bosphorus Comtemporary(Feshane)İstanbul

2006   Ariyel Art Gallery İstanbu

2006   Kanat Bayazıt Art gallery  İstanbul international Art Fair, Tüyap İstanbul

2006   Bakraç Art Gallery, İstanbul

2006   Ares Art Gallery, İstanbul

2005   Sevgi Art Gallery, Ankara

2005  Jazz Now Art Center & Gallery, Bodrum

2005  Kanat Bayazıt Art Gallery, İstanbul international Art FairTüyap, İstanbul

2005  Bakraç Art Gallery, İstanbul

2004  Ariyel Art Gallery, Tüyap ,İstanbul internationalArt Fair İstanbul

2004  Çakınberk Art Gallery, Balıkesir

2004  Pera Art Gallery, İstanbul

2004  Bakraç Art Gallery, İstanbul

2003  Ariyel Art Gallery,İstanbul international Art Fair Tüyap, İstanbul

2003  Bakraç  Art Gallery, İstanbul

2002  Artemis Art Gallery, İstanbul

2002  Anka Art Gallery, Lütfi Kırdar İstanbul international Art Fairİstanbul

2002  Erbil Art Gallery, İstanbul

2001  Uran Art Gallery, İstanbul

2001  MEB Art Gallery İstanbul

2000  Gülmine  Art Gallery, İstanbul

1999  Yaşarbank Harbiye Art Gallery, İstanbul

1998  Yaşarbank Alsancak Sanat Galerisi, İzmir

1998  Tarabya Art Gallery, İstanbul

1998  Akbank Cinnah Art Gallery, Ankara

1997  Unique Art  Art Gallery, İzmir

1997  CDD Müzeum Art Gallery, İzmir

1997  Pinebay Art Gallery, Kuşadası

1993  Akbank Konak Art Gallery, İzmir




2008  Doruk Art Gallery İstanbul

2007  13-th Biennial of Naive and Marginal Art-Museum Naive and

         Marginal Art Jagodina,SERBİA

2007  EKAV Art Gallery  İstanbul

2006  Çakınberk Art Gallery, Balıkesir

2005  Mikro-Kredi National Art  Bienali Ankara

2004  Kanat BayazıtArt Gallery, İstanbul

2004  Ümit Yaşar Art Gallery, İstanbul

2000  Uğur Mumcu Sanat Galerisi, İzmir

1994  Akbank Konak Art Gallery İzmir 

1993  EBSO Art Gallery, İzmir

1993  Çetin Emeç Art Gallery İzmir

1991  Çetin Emeç Art Gallery, İzmir

1989  Çetin Emeç Art Gallery, İzmir