Shimon Reznik born  1949

Graduate of the Ramat Hasharon School of Art –specializing in sculpture.

Has been sculpting and exhibiting for 25 years in a variety of sculpting techniques, from works in marble and stone, through to bronze and brass casting as well as raw and minimalist iron welding.

Lives and works in Tel Aviv.

The guiding line for his works as a sculptor is the “flow of energy” that underlies the doings of man as a universal language. The works are a continuum of thoughts, ideas and deliberations on “energy” and how it emerges into the complex whole called “man”.


•1989 – Exhibition of Hasharon region artists – Kfar Saba

•1989 – Solo exhibition – Zameret Arts Gallery, Ramat Hasharon

•1989 – Exhibition of Israeli artists in aid of ELI – Tel Aviv Hilton

•1990 – Solo exhibition – ZOA House, Tel Aviv

•1990 – Solo Exhibition – Yigal Alon House Gallery – Kibbutz Ginnosar

•1990 – Group Exhibition – Municipal Gallery, Kfar Saba

•1991 – Solo Exhibition – Briza, Tel Aviv

•2002 – Group Exhibition – Art Bar, Sheraton Moriah Hotel, Tel Aviv

•2006 – Solo Exhibition – Castra Arts Center, Haifa

•2006 – Group Exhibition – Kriger House, Haifa