J. Simón Matheu R.

Born in Majorca in 1948, in his youth he painted with his father (portrait and landscape painter). Having a natural talent for drawing, he takes part in various drawing contests and works out pamphlets at school.

In 1966 he moves to Barcelona to study engineer. There really starts creating works influenced by the last period of Picasso, the Barcelona scene and the trends, creations and anxieties of the sixties. Once his studies were completed he had to balance his love for art with his job.

Besides different techniques like drawings with pencil, watercolors, collage, gouaches, and oil paintings he  also makes iron-wooden-and stone sculptures.

In 2004 he started experimenting with acrylics creating a special effect he calls “acrylic spotting”. This technique which he uses now indiscriminately when realizing figurative, expressionist or abstract paintings gives texture, contrast and vivid and bright colors to all his creations.

Dr. Carlos González, art critic of Real Academy of Fine Arts of San Fernando, describes this “spotting” as a new and different technique whose bright colors and textures recall to the colorful mosaics of Catalan Modernisme


2006: Galería Sennacheribbo (Barcelona-Spain) , Crea 21 espais (Barceloa-Spain) , Sala de Cultura (Benasque-Spain) 

2007: Timarai (Parrita-Costa Rica) , James Gray Gallery (Santa Monica-USA) , Artemisia (Montecarlo-Monaco) , La Magnanerie (Sauve-France) , Galería Amador de los Rios (Madrid-Spain) , La Casa del Pintor (Huesca- Spain) Arte e Motori (Forli-Italy) Comtemporanea 2007 (Riccione-Italy)

2008: Art Fusion (Miami-USA)…….    Espace Art Galerie (Bruselles-Belgium) , Maziart (Hambourg- Germany) , La Magnanerie (Sauve- France) , Art Fusion (Miami-USA) ,La Casa del Pintor (Huesca-Spain) ….            2009: Arte Sennacheribbo (Barcelona-Spain) ….