Sven Frokjaer-Jensen


High School 1959-1962. University of Copenhagen 1962-69.

Self-taught artist.    


Grants and distinctions

Artist of the month in “Her og Nu” maj 1979.

Granted leave with the intention of  studying Byzantine painting 1980.

Granted leave for studying paintings in Bali, especially in Ubud 1992.

Bursary from the Danish Writers´ Association (Autorkontoen) 1992.

Bursary from County of Vestsjaelland 1992.


Exhibitions and works

“Her og nu” 1979.

Holbæk Seminarium. 1985.

Changing exhibitions on the working gallery on Rådhuspladsen, Slagelse 1991-1998.

Det røde Tårn. Slagelse. Maj 2005.

Graphic work for several publishing firms e.g. Gyldendal Publishing Compagny

 and Lægeforeningens Publishing Compagny. (Illustrations and front pages).

Front pages for the yearbooks of Slagelse Gymnasium 2002, 2003. 2004, 2005

Special works

         Illustrations and front page in C. Conrad: Utopi. 1980.

         Illustrations and photos in history text-books with lektor       
         Bent Schiermer Andersen.



         Sven Frøkjær-Jensen has had a very thorough university educaiton as a 

         professionel historiean, which has been a great advantage for him in his work

         as a painter and a restorer of works of art. He started out with a vivid and strong

         fascination of the Cobra movement, but through his studies of

         Byzantine painting and the art of the native people of Bali and

         Australia, he created for himself a new language of art, in which he combines

         the precise knowledge of his medium with the highest degree of

         intense artistic expression. He often uses unconventional  materials in his works.


        He says himself: I have learned to use the picture as an

         expression combining  the mind and of the world, and it has been a

         happy marriage of time and matter.”