Aafje Dijkstra – van der Vegt

born in 1949, is an autodidact and has worked since 2002 with oil paint, acryllic paint and mixed media. After studying the basic techniques of painting, she began figurative. After that abstract got the upper hand, with which her feeling for composition and colour always plays an important part.

Her inspiration lies in everyday life. She gets her ideas from what she is experiencing and what she sees. Working without knowing where it will go, she follows her feelings. She plays with colours and materials, moulding the painting.

In 2003 she adopted the name Atelier ADV (her initials) and signs her work “ADV”.

Since 2007 she participated in international exhibitions in Italy. She was awarded at “Spirit. The spirit in Art”, Ferrara , November 2007 and at ‘San Valentino”, Vico del Gargano, February 2008.

In 2008 she became a member of Trevisan International Art.

In 2009 she will exhibit in Germany. In April in Marziart Internationale Galerie in Hamburg and in June in Art Domain Gallery in Leipzig.

Her statement is: “Art should make people happy”.