Byron Coons

"I paint to share my imagination and love of the craft." Educated in Fine Art painting at The Detroit Society of Arts and Crafts in the US, Byron Coons became an illustrator early in his career. He worked with national advertising agencies throughout the 1980s and 90s all the while nurturing his beloved craft - painting.
Two works exhibited in the November show at the Marziart Internationale Galerie titled PACIFICA and FUN at PARTIES were produced at that time along side his illustration assignments for high-tech companies such as Apple Computer, Advanced Micro Devices, Hewlett-Packard and other Silicon Valley High Tech companies.

In the 1980s Byron's work was published by Pomegranate Publications and North Light Books gaining international recognition over the following years. Ever since, his work has been featured in books, newsprint, posters and note cards. In 1991 he was awarded with a Silver Medal from the Los Angeles Society of Illustrators.

With group and one artist exhibitions in the US and Europe he notes his career has always been an inspiring adventure. His unwavering dedication to his personal art form has been enhanced by the challenges presented to him as a commercial illustrator. As an artist determined to succeed in the commercialized art world of today, it continues to be his aspiration to become widely distributed in the international arena of Fine Art publishing and painting.

Byron Coons - Paintings in the show:

Pacifica Created during the period the artist worked as a commercial illustrator, this painting is a mix of free associated objects to instill a sense of nostalgia and mysticism.
Published by: Pomegranate Publications, North Light Books
Awarded: Los Angeles Society of Illustrators

FUN at PARTIES Celebration of holidays, birthdays and parties of the past present and future.

Something About Selena It remains a quandary, there was something about Selena.

Sundial of Antiquity With its patina and corrosion a sundial turning slowly like a barred spiral galaxy, this painting marks time in shaded increments as our souls symbolically hover like distant temples over a cosmic pool.

Detection of Subatomic Particles Kismet as imagined in an emission nebula as new stars are born and subatomic particles form new worlds to yet be explored.