Edgar Jerzy Pill

I was born in 28 09 1980 in Poland.
My father is an Estonian and my mother is Polish.
Both of them are conservators of art, my father is also a painter ,same as his father and my grandfather.
Due to my family background I have started to paint as a child.
At first I was painting realistic style paintings, still natures portraits etc. because this is the way my father is painting and he also was my first teacher.
Around 1996 I started to experiment with abstract art and then I realized that it is my way of painting,
the best way for me to achieve my true aim in painting and art.
In 2000 I started my university education at the Nicolaus Copernicus University in Thorn . I have chosen conservation of paintings and polychromic wooden sculptures .
I chose conservation because of its connection with painting techniques and knowledge how real old masters' techniques were.
In the beginning of 2007 I graduated and became Master of Art in the field of conservation of paintings and polychromic wooden sculptures.
In the meantime I was still painting .
In 2000 I I have taken part in an exhibition after open air painting event in Wabrzezno City.
In 2003 I had my first own exhibition in official Association of Polish Artists and Designers (ZPAP- www.zpap.org.pl) gallery" Na pietrze” in Thorn.
In 2006 I had an exhibition in private gallery “Lech Twardowski Atelier” in Breslau.
In 2007 I participated in Spring Opening of Thorn Art Salon.
In 2007 I I have taken part in the Samsung Art Charitable exhibition for ill and disabled children.
In Thorn I have a constant exhibition at the office of the business company JADE e-TOOLS.