Elena Chestnykh

was born in 1975 in Novosibirsk.
In1998 she graduated from Novosibirsk State Architecture and Art Academy.
Since then she has been working as a professional artist.
«I like exploring my representations, these layers of vague memories, dreams, images and impressions of books, travels, conversations with friends and everyday life with its problems. It is those fragments which compose my surrounding landscape. I like to mix, remove and compare these fragments with each other composing complicated patterns or compiling tables. It's more like an intellectual play that results in new sense».

Personal Exhibitions:

2009 “Fragments of Landscape”, “Arthall” art gallery, Novosibirsk

2008 "Reality of Fiction", "Old Town" art gallery, Novosibirsk

2006 "The Glass House", 5-th International Festival SIB-ALTERA, Novosibirsk

2006 "Different Stories", State Art Museum, Novosibirsk

2006 "A Model for Assembling", the Alt Gallery, Novosibirsk

2004 "The Taste of Mango" (photos), the Connection Gallery, Novosibirsk

2003 "The Great Silk Road", the Alt Gallery, Novosibirsk

2001 "A Visit to Levant", State Art Gallery, Novosibirsk

Collective Exhibitions:

2009 "People from N", Tomsk Regional State Art Museim, Tomsk

2006 "The Venice Strolls", the International Art Exhibition, State Art Museum, Novosibirsk

2005 "Renaissance", the Second Republican Art Exhibition, Belgorod

2005 "Victory 1941-1945", the International Art Exhibition, CDH (Central House of Artist), Moscow

2004 Regional Youth Exhibition, Barnaul

2002 "Art Novosibirsk", the International Festival of Galleries, State Art Gallery, Novosibirsk

2001 "Kvinta", the Union of Artists, Novosibirsk

2001 The "Art Planet" Gallery, Seoul, South Korea

2001 "The Second Novosibirsk International Biennale of Graphics", Novosibirsk

2000 The Grand Hotel, Pusan, the South Korea

2000 "Kvinta", the Union of Artists, Novosibirsk