Engelina Zandstra



Engelina Zandstra is a Dutch artist living in Amsterdam, Netherlands.
During many years I have been following courses in Amsterdam in the field of painting, etching, silk-screen painting and modelling.
During the last years I have concentrated myself on painting.
My way of working is spontaneous. It starts with a concept, an idea in my mind, which is in most cases not well-defined. It can have its origin in the images that are stored in my imagination,  or in the impressions of daily life.
The paintings are in this way 'Landscapes of the mind', because they are reproductions of the ideas that are present in my head.



'I move in the direction of an art of the thougt, that takes reality as a starting-point, never as final destination' (Joan Miró)
My work can best be described as lyrical-abstract.
Clolour is very important for me : the alchemy of colour. This defines for me the atmosphere of a painting.
Usually I work in many thin layers on top of each other. I let myself be guided by the forms and colours that develop during the process of painting. Each new layer gives inspiration for the following one, with new ideas.
Because of the different layers and colours, the acrylic paint gets depth and character. Sometimes the beginning is abstract, and then at some point human figures are coming into shape. As if the human presence then is necessary for further inspiration.
As for the meaning of them : I consider my paintings being like music, they don't need words for explanation.
Each one tells his own tale, that is different for each person.
By looking at them the forms and colours are translated into an emotion, an experience.