Jordi Cases


Jordi Cases (Barcelona, 1970). Jordi spent a large part of his childhood in Sydney (Australia) where he excelled in drawing at an early age. Returning to Spain when he was 12, he painted his first oils and started to work for the family firm, making his first plaster moulds and sculptures for advertising promotions.

Having finished his studies, at eighteen he started work as a freelance cartoonist for the leading animation studios in Barcelona.

Four years later he was working as an illustrator for several publishers, as well as studying Illustration at the Escuela de Artes y Oficios Llotja. He also started working as a sculptor for an artistic foundry in Barcelona, making sculptures for trophies, medals and jewellery.

Years later he dedicated himself full-time to commercial sculpture. With a good foundation in drawing, amazing skill and speed in modelling, a talent for adapting to different styles and his knowledge of working with moulds, polyesters and paint, Jordi was able to set up his own workshop. He started producing work for his own clients, making sculptures for casting, models and mock-ups for museums and traditional and artistic sculptures for advertising agencies, arts and crafts firms, museums and private individuals.

Since 1998 he worked as a sculptor and modeller for leading designers and artists in Spain, in fields as diverse as stage and set design, furniture design, art installations, large format themed sculpture and public works.

Throughout these years of intense work, Jordi has also been working on and developing his personal pieces at the same time as his everyday work as a sculptor and modeller. These two paths have been mutually complementary as they develop, enriching each other and combining both technique and creativity. His study of the masters of contemporary painting and sculpture, experimentation with different materials and techniques and creative freedom have allowed him to develop an indelible, individual hallmark for each of his sculptures.