Linda Hrvatin

was born in 1978, Koper, Slovenia.

After completing her studies in fashion design at Art and Photography School in Ljubljana, she starts to work as graphic designer in different areas of visual communication and presentation.

Parallel to work she took two courses in painting where she deeply involved herself in the world of abstract expressionism and action painting. Her early work was acryl on canvas.

As she wants to go further and explore different areas of self-expression in the world of art, she jumped into the world of photography and completed two courses in this field.

What is her artistic work?

It is a portrayal of the world of emotions, feelings, the unconscious and the mind.

It is a form of self-expression where shades of emotions break out on the surface through form, colors, lines, textures and shapes. No matter if it is a painting, a photograph, a computer art or other.

Her work wants to attract the viewer through aesthetic sense, emotions and feelings.

Her work wants to be felt