Malgorzata Karp-Soja

was born in Krakow, Poland. She Graduated from the Academy of Fine Arts in Krakow, where studied painting under Prof. Stanislaw Wisniewski and drawing under Prof. Allan Rzepka.
During the study was also rewarded with a stipendium in Italy.
She has had more than 20 individual exhibitions and took a part in more than 40 group exhibitions, contests and charity auctions.
Her paintings can be found in private collections in Poland, Austria, France, Belgium, The Netherlands, Italy, Germany, Spain, Sweden and the USA.

Idividual exhibitions:
1998: "With Blue in the Backgroud", Logos Gallery, Krakow
1999: "Two Gardens", Szalom Gallery, Krakow
2000: "Painting", Sukiennice Gallery/Subaru Import Polska, Krakow
2001: "Snow and Magnolias", "U Literatow" Gallery, Krakow
2001: "MOODS OF TRANSIENCE", ARKA gallery, Wrasaw
2002: "Gardens, Elves and People", Cepelia Gallery, Krakow
2002: "Forgotten Looks", Loza Actor's Club, Krakow
2003: "The Arcadia Stop", Lazienki Królewskie, Warszawa
2004: "Traumlaube", Kunst im Daerr, Obereisenheim, Germany
2004: "Behind the gate of time", Na Nankiera Gallery, Wroclaw
2005-2006: a series of exhibitions called "Between Heaven and Hell" presented in:
- Meduna Gallery, Vienna, Austria (part of Polish Culture Days)
- Under the Roof of a Sky Gallery, Ciechocinek
- Kordegarda Gallery, Warszawa
- Bell'Arte Gallery, Berlin, Germany
- Stadtschschloss Lichtenfels, Germany
- Mit. Gallery, Kazimierz Dolny
2007: a series of exhibitions called "Processions of love" presented in:
- Gologorski Gallery, Krakow
- Bell'Arte Gallery, Berlin, Germany
- Mit. Gallery, Kazimierz Dolny
2008: a series of exhibitions "From behind the curtain" presented in:
- Photogallery, Swidnica
- Bell'Arte Gallery, Berlin, Germany
- Mit. Gallery, Kazimierz Dolny
2009: "Diary of a Prompter", Logos Gallery, Krakow

2009: "Diary of a Prompter", Mit. Gallery, Kazimierz Dolny

Chosen group exhibitions:
1997: "Autumn Salon'97", The Palace of Art, Krakow
1997: "Small Painting", Sukiennice Gallery, Krakow
1998: "Gardens of Krakow", Historical Museum of the City of Krakow
1998: painting contest of the Miyauchi Foundation, Warsaw
1998: "Autumn Salon'98", Pryzmat Gallery, Krakow
1999: "Woman and Flowers", Historical Museum of the City of Krakow
1999: "Small Format", Sukiennice Gallery, Krakow
2000: "Child in Art", Historical Museum of the City of Krakow
2000: "Gardens", Sukiennice Gallery, Krakow
2000: "Winter Salon", Piano Nobile Gallery, Krakow
2001: "Contemporary Polish Art", Innsbruck, Austria
2002: "Small Painting", Sukiennice Gallery, Krakow
2003: "Contemporary Polish Art", Innsbruck, Austria
2003: Glasgow ArtFair, Glasgow, Scotland
2003: The Affordable Art Fair, London, England
2004: "Contemporary Polish Artists", Karen Taylor Gallery, London, UK
2004: Gallery's Artists Presentation, Kass Gallery, Insbruck, Austria
2005: "Contemporary Polish Art", Meduna Gallery, Vienna, Austria
2006: "Polish Artists for Children", Polish Embassy, New York, USA
2006: "Gardens", BWA Ksiaz Castle
2007: "Gardens", BWA Jelenia Gora
2008: "Fetish", Gologorski Gallery, Krakow
2009: "Selected Artists from Poland", Opera Gallery, Budapest, Hungary