Martin Murphy

was born, of Irish parents, in Sheffield, England in 1949. He studied painting first at Sheffield College of art and later at Kingston-On-Thames College of Art where he graduated with the Diploma in art and Design (Hons.) in 1972. He returned briefly to fulltime education in 1975, gaining the art teachers certificate from Leeds University.

After leaving Art College in 1972, he, like many artists, supported his painting by a variety of occupations, including antique restoration and French polishing, progressing later to the restoration of old properties.

In 1994, he retuned with his wife, to West Cork. A Stones throw from his home-place in Blarney.

Since moving to Ireland, Martin has concentrated more and more on painting and now paints on a full time basis. He has, over the past few years, exhibited widely, both here at home and also in the U.K. and Germany, and has work in many private, corporate and public collections around the world.

If asked what influences his work, he would probably reply, “…life, everything we do, see, breath, eat and feel are all processed by the artist, and presented to the world, in the medium of his or her own choosing.” Professionalism is important to him. In all its facets, whether it be the working process, interaction with others, or simply as an attitude to life.