Monica del Norte

21. 08. 1970 Born in Tartu, Estonia into a highly artistic family.
1987-1991 Took part in the “Singing Revolution”, a key event over 2 years by which the Baltic States rebelled against the Soviet Union.

1992 Gave birth to her first child.
Enjoyed her first exhibition in Tallinn's Town Hall in Estonia and published own magazine.

Since 2000 Resident in Estonia and Spain.
2003 Had second child.

2004 Had a most successful personal exhibition in Madrid – arguably her best.

2005 For her exhibition in Tallinn at the premier ‘Galerii-G ‘ exhibition venue , she received the title of “Clarissima Domina” from organization ConventusTerra Mariana.
Since Sept. 2007 member of artist's union "Les Seize Anges" in Paris.

Specialized schooling:

1979-1982 In addition to normal school, also studied in the highly prestigious Art School for Children in Tartu, Estonia.

1986-1994 Studied in art college in Tartu, Estonia.
1986 –88 (Design)
1993 - 94 (Textiles)

Fashion exhibitions:

Estonia 45,
Other Baltic states 3,
Finland 2,
Sweden 3,
Germany 1,

Personal exhibitions (paintings)

April 2009 New York
5-18 April 2008: Galerie Gavart, Paris
Sept. 2007: Rueil-Malmaison, "Atelier Grognard" and Villepinte Espace V, Paris, France
Aug. 2007: Rapina old papermill, Estonia
Feb. 2007: Agora Gallery, New York, USA
Aug. 2006: Gallery “ArtDepoo”, Tallinn, Estonia
July 2006: The Sity Gallery of Pärnu, Estonia
May 2006: Duquesa Golf Club charity exhibition for “Las Claveles”, Spain
July 2005: Galerii-G, Tallinn, Estonia
Febr. 2005: Casa de las Bellas Artes, Estepona, Spain
Aug. 2004: Galerii-36, Tallinn, Estonia
Aug. 2004: Valga Culture Center, Valga, Estonia
June 2004: Gallery “Jovenart”, Madrid, Spain
April 2004 Commercial exhibition “La Casa”, Madrid, Spain
May 2003: Duguesa Golf Club, Open Frontiers Charity exhibition, Spain