Monique Ausems (1954, Maastricht,The Netherlands)

I enjoy the warmth of bronze, sculpting in wax and giving the finishing touch to a cast bronze. The creative process going from ‘nothing to something' fascinates me. Isn't it wonderful how an idea that exists in your mind can materialise and actually be touched? Of course this doesn't just happen, a lot of work goes into it! Before my work can be called a sculpture all the little steps involved take up a lot of my time, but for me quality is important, not quantity.


1975- 1985: completed several ceramics, drawing and painting courses in Amsterdam and Leiden.

1985-1987: completed Academic Programme in Design Art Center, Sittard. .
1987-1991: BA degree in Fine Arts and Public Design at the Teacher Training College of Kath.Leergangen, now Fontys University of Applied Sciences, Sittard .
1992 and onwards: did practical work for several years in the atelier of Louis Wierts, Schimmert and until 2006 in the atelier of Rob Thalen, Kerkrade.
Participated in workshop for Blowing glass, Glass Studio Gilbert, Eindhoven (see photo bottom left)

Monique: After my graduation with honours in Fine Arts and Public Design at the Teacher Training College in Sittard in 1991 I started painting a lot and I have exhibited my paintings for some years. This influence is visible in figurative bronze relief plaques and small bronze sculptures. Gradually the emphasis moved to proper bronze works.
For years I have spent many hours in the foundry of artistic designer and bronze caster Rob Thalen in Kerkrade. In the inspiring environment of the former mine shaft Nulland I have learned much and have gained wide experience in bronze casting . From making the design, the wax model, to producing the wax mould, to chasing and spruing the wax, making the shell for casting the bronze, to assisting with the actual casting itself. After that comes the finishing off of the bronze cast. Deciding whether or not to clean the raw bronze, sanding, polishing, patinating (colouring) the work and finally mounting the sculpture on a base or pedestal. All these actions I am eager to do myself so that I can always influence the final result.

My work : I love to simplify forms, to abstract. However, I return to the figurative every now and then. Round forms and a smooth finish with little polished squares are characteristic of my work. From all angles it should spark interest. In my recent work I often let the brightly coloured, rough and honest raw bronze surface come out, so that the warm colour of the bronze becomes visible in the little shining polished squares. I am not easily satisfied and aim for perfection in the completion of my work. Quality is important, not the quantity.

Besides this, I like to experiment with epoxy resin in combination with bronze.

Expositions: Since 1988 I gave several presentations and participated in group expositions of paintings and small bronze in the Netherlands. A brief overview of the last few years :

2001 Terpkerk, Urmond,

2002 Ontwerpbureau De Teekenschool, Sittard,

2003-2005 Galerie De Kunstwinkel, Schimmert

2006 Galerie Article, Wijk bij Duurstede

2006 summer/winter exposition GaleRichel, Aardenburg

2006 De Salon, Museum Het Domein, Sittard

2007 Expositiehuis ‘Middendorpshuis' Den Ham (Ov.)

2007 GaleRichel, Aardenburg, Zeeuws-Vlaanderen

2008 Galerie Article, Wijk bij Duurstede

2008 GaleRichel, Aardenburg, Zeeuws-Vlaanderen

2009 Marziart International Gallery Hamburg,(Germany)