Offer Goldfarb

1955 born in Israel

Since 1988 self-taught art photographer

Since 2004 teacher of a course named "The camera as a paintbrush"

at the institute of visual arts, near Tel Aviv

Since 2009 represented by Agora gallery, Chelsea - New York

Solo exhibitions

1994-2002 5 exhibitions at Jerusalem and Tel Aviv


Artistic statement

I regard photography as a mirror reflecting my inner world.

I am interested in the visual language shared by all visual arts.

I am not interested in the thing itself.

I search for abstract and minimalism.

Abstract for me, is getting as further from the thing itself, but always leave a hint for life.

As for my idea of minimalism less is impossible and more is redundant.

Just like it is done in the Japanese tradition saying a lot in a few words.

My photographs are often mistaken for paintings.

My inspiration is derived and influenced by both painters (i.e. Morandi) and photographers (i.e. Sugimoto).