Peter Bak Frederiksen

is born in 1957 and is an autodidactic painter from Aalborg in Denmark.

His paintings are often inspired from the nature and from old buildings in decay. But you will never find the cave, the cliff or other elements from his paintings in the nature as such. It is pure fiction and is created in the process.

Most of his paintings are made with paintbrush or pallet knife on canvas.

Tom Jørgensen, bachelor's degree in art history and editor of the magazine ”Kunstavisen” describes Peter Bak Frederiksen's art as follows:

”Even though you in Peter Bak Frederiksen's paintings often recognize a waterfall, a portal, vertical rising cliffs or the ocean meeting the horizon, he is not primarily a figurative painter. Far more than this world's physical phenomena, he is absorbed by the most incorporeal aspect of all: the light. It is the light which is the recurring theme in Peter Bak Frederiksen's paintings. The light as it enters the world on the creation day and creates order and form out of the dark chaos.

It is like this completely optimistic paintings Peter Bak Frederiksen paints. With him the light always prevails in the end and you can feel the intensity of his artistic creation. A creation process which, based on general ideas, is essentially spontaneous. The first strokes of the brush are made and from there the process is intuitively. The intensity in the paintings is important when the paintings are finished. More important than the picture is decorative and pretty.

That is exactly why the naturalistic don't play a particularly important role for the artist. It is more the processes which are in focus.”