Theresa Durant
Short Curriculum Vitae

I am a self-taught photographer. Photography is an art, a way of life.  It is my passion.  I love the feeling of capturing the moment of what I see through the lens of my camera.   To make last that which happens in nature.  I love experimenting with my camera.  I enjoy taking my different types of photos.  I enjoy adding new photos to my galleries daily.   Now I am intrigued with taking floral shots. Specializing in Macro floral photography. I love flowers, they are neither shy nor temperamental, just extremely ephemeral and that is one of the greatest things that I like to capture and eternalize their beauty.

I capture the true essence of the flower, their very being.  The closest one can achieve to feeling the floral deep within.  There is this side to a floral that I want the viewer to feel as well.  All flowers are beautiful, whether it be a rose or a dandelion.  Each has an inner beauty all their own.  Each holds a different color, shape, form, fragrance, feel.  Each transpires into their own being. 

I create something that is entirely my own.  A different side that is not often noticed.  When I can accomplish this than I can find success in what I do.