Tommy Michael Jensen

Absolute self-taught - but trained as a teacher at KDAS in 1988 Studied lines in particular art. Has for many years had a pedagogical approach to creating images. Since crawling stage, I scratch in total - and with help from my granddaddy: brewery worker and painter, Boerge Jensen (totally unknown), I had a master teacher who could draw with photographic precision, and he introduced me the naturalism universe, almost to the absurd perfection.

My luck, however, was that I grew up as part of the seventies psychedelic youth and had distorted my world view sufficient enough to see the crooked angles. It is no secret that both Dali and Picasso materialized naturally in my further understanding of the image universe. The cubist, naive and surreal tradition has since pursued me, and I can not put it away from me.

Neither naturalism contradictions with this. It is my absurd schism, to be in this intersect - and I struggle daily to break out of it all, and create a different way. I try to find the dialogue between us and the old masters - the tension between our and their present.

Success is far from every time - but it's like with the "wheel" it was invented - and it is also the visual arts - whether you like it or not. Today it's just a question of what tires you run from Khumo, Brigestone to Micheline, or for that matter, Indonesian rubber.

It is interesting to know that innovation in visual arts may not happen in the two-dimensional canvas - but in a completely different place, but it does not mean that the canvas is passé - it just speaks its own out-of-date-language: And enjoy!

Best regards Tommy Michael Jensen