Wim Zorn

Dutch artist Wim Zorn is progressing steadily from figurative work to the abstract.

His fascination with surface, shape and colour was already to be seen in his early paintings, with a tendency to cubism in portraits and landscapes.

A couple of years ago he decided tot use bamboo in his paintings. Bamboo canes are straight, but never as straight as a die. No two are alike.

This reveals a new phase in the effect of surface, line and colour from the hand of the passionate artist Wim Zorn, who uses impressions from the world around him to create a new personal reality in his art. Particular and successful on several exhibitions in The Netherlands, Lineart/Gent Belgium, Madinat Jumerah/Dubai and this year for the first time in Germany/Hamburg for Gallery Marziart.
Wim Zorn is invited to come to the Biennale Florence in December next, to represent The Netherlands.