Aase-Hilde Brekke

Aase-Hilde Brekke (1962), Norway

Aase-Hilde is a multi-media artist versed in performance, installation art, objects, collage, photography and film, as well as functioning as project manager, teacher and producer.
She has been working as an artist since 1992, and has received considerable scholarships and grants for her artwork, ranging from - among others - The Norwegian Art Council, Ministry of Culture Affairs, received since 1995. Her studies in Tibetan Ritual Dances in India, Tibetan monasteries and Tibetan Library of Works and Archives, has led to articles, lectures, films and photo- exhibitions, and were supported among others by The Norwegian Art Counsil, and The Norwegian Science Department. Brekke teaches performance, film and multimedia works for children, youngsters and at University level.
She grew up in the northern part of Norway, presently living and working in Oslo. She studied theater and performance, as well as film and religion at The University of Trondheim (NTNU), and Oslo(UIO), Norway, and part time studies at Trondheim Academy of Fine Art (NTNU).
In her performancegroup Tarateateret/Taratheater, she has been producing solo-performance- artpiezes, and performances with tuvinian throutsinging, experimental music and visual performances, together with her group since 1992.
She has international exhibitions, and was featured in Art Fairs International, in New York and Beijing, as well as in New York Art Magazine. Member of The Society of Fine Art Photographers (FFF), and Norwegian Association for Performing Arts.

She exhibits in these galleries in groupexhibition, and projects in 2010:

"Hommage a Iver Jaks", (2008-2010), curated by Samisk Kunstner-senter/ Sami Daddaguovdda s, Karasjok, Norway.
"Bell Check", Det Norske Teater/theater, Oslo, Norway: Videoartist/videodesign
M a r z i a r t Internationale Galerie, curated by Marion Zimmermann, Hamburg. “Subtle Arrangements”, curated by Basak Malone, Gelabert Gallery, NYC Amsterdam Whitney Gallery, curated by Ruthie Tucker, NYC.
"Artists At Home & Abroad", Broadway Gallery NYC, curated by Abraham Lubelski.