Carlos Bernal Iglesias

At 19 years and encouraged by my passion for nature, beginning to study photography on a self-taught.

At 21 am beginning to work to devote much of my salary to the acquisition of books and magazines sector as a photographic material for learning and research.
Focusing my first works of art and making my first photo exhibition in the restaurant-gallery "Il caminetto" in Madrid where I got a success unexpected sales…
That same year he started working as assistant in the studio "Day Light" in Madrid where my extensive knowledge of fashion photography and advertising, so in the years following start work as a fashion photographer and actors in the agencies "LIFE "ISASI" "VANITY" in MADRID.
In 1999 I was parentheses lasting almost 5 years and came to the publicity with a personal style and in 2005 performed work as:

Campaign Jazztel

Campaign group Antolin car


In 2006 returns to his origins in art looking for a new message

Having exposed in May 2008 :

DIOCESAN MUSEUM BARCELONA (SPAIN) "5". collective exihibition


Artist Statement

My work doesn't involve any retouching whatsoever. What you see in the work is what was portrayed at the time of releasing the shutter.

I like working in digital photography for its sense of immediacy and dynamic feel, this helps create a meditative feel to how I work when I am shooting the pictures.

While I am drawn to the physicality of each subject, I find that my sub conscience is trying to portray signs given to us by the universe, highlighting its sense of mysticism.

I tend to immerse myself into the flow of my surroundings, letting my instinct guide me. When I revisit the pictures I have taken, I look for the hidden messages and the thread which links them ….this process bring at times surprising results, unimaginable prior to taking the pictures...

While the pictures portray beauty, sometimes in its subtlest form, they also represent my deepest fears as though reflected in a large holographic mirror representing the duality present in our lives.

Through my work, I try to show what my experience so far and observation have taught me in that quantum physics and spirituality coincide, helping to form a multidimensional  and elegant universe.