Clément Billières

studied arts and philosophy at Aix Marseille University, in France. He lives in Paris, and begins very early to exteriorize his artistic talents by numerous personal and also collective international artistic exhibitions.

Representational and portraitist at the beginning, he later oriented himself towards abstraction by widening in this way his palette.

He obtained distinctions among which: - the price(prize) of the National Committee of International Arts Guild of Monaco / International Palm of Gold of the Fine arts (1979); - the Golden medal of the Summer International Show) / Palace of Arts of Marseille (1980), - the Bacon prize of the International Arts Guild Show / Abbey de Forest of Brussels (1981).

Some biographies: - "Ten Years of Graphic and Plastic Arts 1970 - on 1980" / Christian Halls Editions / Monaco. - "Hundred Signatures (1986)" / Christian Halls Editions / Monaco”. - " Artists Quotation dictionary on 2008, on 2009, and on 2010" / Larousse Diffusion, - "The Bible of the Abstract art - Volume 2" published by LeLivreDart (2009)

His works developed through perseverance, meditation and solitude, imposing themselves through their originality and their strength, in order to deliver emotion and energy.

The critical acclaim which appeared after his exhibitions was enthusiastic :

the journalist art critics of La Presse de la Manche wrote : << Clément Billières has the sensibility of a reserved man. No verbal exuberance to splash out his state of mind. He leaves his public the freedom to interpret his feelings. His harmonies translate an interior lyricism which bursts out in colours.