Einav Zilber

Born (1964) and raised in Israel. Einav, a self-learner, has bee taking pictures since childhood, exploring the surroundings of her home, nature and urban landscape.

The works presented herein belong to a larger body of works titled " The wonderful journey to my mom's garden " and " City, Lights " : playing with my camera - with no post processing - I explore familiar and well photographed subjects such as trees, flowers and urban landscape, in hope to reveal new qualities of the subjects.

2009 "Art Around" Project (presenting art works at alternative locations), Studio-Chef Erez Stern and Eden - Hairdresser and Gallery, Tel Aviv, Israel

2005 Women's photography and video art group exhibition, Antea Gallery, Jerusalem, Israel

2004 Producer, "Tzura Lach!" ("Just look at you!"), women's photography, painting, sculpture and video art group exhibition, Beit Haim Acherim, Tel Aviv, Israel

1993-1997 LL.B., Faculty of Law, Tel Aviv University

1985-1989 B.Sc. in Physics and Mathematics, Faculty of Mathematics and Natural Sciences, Hebrew University of Jerusalem