Ella Prakash

Born in Bahrain 1962 - Nationality : Indian

“Artists are a precious gift to the world' Ella Prakash, is one among them. She dedicated herself to her artistic mission and challenge, the risk and realities of the royal profession. Her work are exhibited and appreciated in the leading Art Galleries in USA and Europe. International artist entered the vibrant world of color at the ripe age of twelve. She has nurtured an instinct to paint the canvas of the mélange of feelings and emotions that lie within her from conventional to abstract; her brush has known no boundaries. She has drawn inspiration from ambition and spurred on onto the road of success through faith and belief. These experiences are reflected in her art making it endearing as well as inspiring.

She has captured the essence of trials and struggles in her work she combines soft colors, mystique lines. Circular patterns and geometric shapes in perfect fusion and bring out her creations. Her technique using thick layer of paint and creates a transparency brush strokes using limited colors, she has found her forte –contrasting the warm colors with the cool. She has an incessant need to inspire and believes that if she manages to inspire even one person through her art, she would've contributed to the world around her positively. She has used criticism as a push to move forward, not letting it bog her down or curb her creative streak. Abstract figures having different moods and emotions speak for her and colors add music to the words they create. Her spirit is mirrored in her work. She believes that every work of art must carry a message.

She shares the knowledge that she has gained along the years through teaching, hoping to help change lives along the way. She paints to influence people and show them the success that lies ahead of them. She continues to seek ways to led to the development of her signature artistic theme express her emotions. Her paintings are her mouthpiece. They converse. They Articulate. er works has

The Artist lives and works in Bahrain. Her collection of work is selected in leading a Art Galleries in USA and Europe.

Publications : " International Contemporary Masters Volume III" (WWAB)

Upcoming Exhibitions

2010/ Southern Nevada Museum of Fine Art--Las Vegas-(Group show)

2010 /Agora Gallery--New York (Group Show


Selected Exhibition

2010 /Amsterdam Whitney Gallery International of fine art--New York (Group show

2010. /Ico Gallery -–New York (Group Show)

2010/ Sams Art Hub- Mumbai India (solo)

2009 /Jain Marunouchi Gallery –New York (Group Show)

2008 / Delhi, India

2008 / Ella Art Gallery,- Bahrain (Solo)

2007 /Hotel Crown Plaza,- Bahrain (Solo)

2006 / Formula 1 Exhibition in Bahrain National Museum

2004 / Mother & Child Welfare,- Bahrain

1999/ Bahrain National art Museum

1992 / Bahrain National art Museum

1988 /Bahrain National day Exhibition

1986 / Bahrain Art Society