Gineke Augustijn

Gineke Augustijn (1942, Delft, Holland) completed her training in the creative skills as drawing, textile- and manual arts.

More than 25 years she worked with children which has much influence on her current art. Since 1990 she is full time working as a professional artist.

Besides pictures in acryl on canvas she produces plates and jolly colorful objects in mixed media.

Her paintings show abstractions of the reality, understandably often as seen through the eyes of a child.

That is why the forms, colors and textures show a very personal expression. Looking at her art you easily can project your own imagination in it.

Many paintings show houses which, just like people, have their own character .

About four times a year she exposes her works. Mostly in galleries and from time to time in conference-places. Also often on request.

Once a year she participates in a local “art-tour” with an exposition in her own atelier.

After visiting one of her expositions most people say: “This makes me happy”.