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Irene Ypenburg

Irene Ypenburg (1951, Amsterdam) is artist and writer, whose travels through Europe, North America, Latin America and Asia have inspired her to countless articles and many works of art.

“ The great thing about a painting that turned out just right, is that it has captured an experience - whether that be merely a sensation or something that ‘really' happened - and will continue to give you back that special feeling, so you will never have to loose it. Through art you can even share your experiences with others.

Coincidence is a natural factor in life, the art of living for a great deal revolves around coping with the unexpected. I like to give room to unexpected things to happen when I am painting and let coincidence help me create.”

Recent art shows:

Amsterdam, Galerie Open, March 2010

Nijmegen, August 2009

Nijmegen, March/April 2009

Nijmegen October 2008

Beijing, June 2008

Nijmegen, May 2008

Amsterdam October 2005

Multi Media Show: Art, Dance, Light, Sound

Choreography: Eddi de BieMultimedia show with the Amsterdam Theatre Acadamy