Nico de Gruiter

Born in Rotterdam 22-03-1938

Education at the "Academie voor beeldende kunsten" Rotterdam.
Was working as an artdirector designer for 2 and 3 dimensional art.
Also as musician/composer for improvised electronic music.

In the present time, next to the music, he is concentrating on the making of wooden objects.
These are existing of peaces that remains of cutting down and pruning trees.
The particular forms and structures of the wood are the source of inspiration for the object.
Several interesting pieces are forming the object that arises during the working process by assebling the piece of art. Several parts are undergoing a minimal sculptural treatment if this is necessary for the intended result. For de rest, the pieces of wood remains in the original state as the were collected. The objects are painted as a three dimensional painting.

In my work as a disigner and conceptmaker i was used to make a planning for several productions, but in my free creativities i improvise from the beginning to the end of my creations, as wel in my music as in my wooden objects.
The peaces of wood inspires me to make one and sometimes more objects at a time and when i am busy to clean and construct the several peaces of wood to an entirely object, this will grow untill am satisfied with the form. The objects will be prepared against vermin and so on.Then i make up my mind to color the object. The finishin touch is a strong glossy varnish.
When i am busy in a flow it sometimes can get very late in the night when i am working on several objects together.

2009: Kempisch kunstroute; Galerie Mooi Meegenomen
2009: Galerie Kempro Sterksel
2008: Brouwerij De Gouden Leeuw Vessem
2008: Project Via Pinokkio Giralis groep-Schoolbegeleidingsdienst De Kempen Eersel
2007: Galery of art.fb Bad Bentheim Duitsland.
2007: De Kunstschouw Schouwen-Duiveland; Galerie de Bovenkamer
2007: De Keukenhof thema expositie
2007: Cultureel centrum De Smeltkroes Maarheeze
2006: Kunstschouw Schouwen-Duiveland; Galerie de Bovenkamer
2006 :Galerie Le Garage Eindhoven
2005: Galerie FlamAnart Eindhoven
2004: Cultureel Centrum De Muzeval Eeersel
2003: Oogenlust int. bloemsierkunst,
2001: Chateau de Pourpry Damiatte France; schilderijen en tekeningen

2001: Chateau de Pourpry Damiatte France; plafondschildering “ Het Creaversum”
2000: Centrum voor de Kunsten Eindhoven; Schilderijen en tekeningen