Reinhard Gäde

Selected Exhibitions
2008 Walter Wickiser Gallery, New York, NY
2005 Galerie Jardin Atelier Monik Rabasté, St. Briac, France
1997 Galería Dionis Bennassar in Madrid, Spain
1968 Academia de San Fernando in Madrid, Spain
1967 Galerie Atlantis in Duisburg, Germany
1966 Exhibition at the Galerie du Fleuve in Bordeaux, France
1964 II Biennale des Jeunes Artistes Internationaux, in Bordeaux, France, awarded the Gold Medal

Honors and Publications
2003 Honored by the Spanish section of the SND for his “eminent contribution to the design of newspapers”
2002 Publication of the book Diseño de periódicos – Sistema, método by the Editorial Gustavo Gili, Barcelona, Spain
1976 Awarded the Trofeo Laus by the Spanish FEAD for the original graphic design of the newly founded national newspaper El País, today the Spanish leading daily newspaper
Following with activities as a graphic designer for 16 different newspapers and their supplements

Numerous works forming part of private collections in Canada, France, Germany, Italy, Monaco, Portugal, Spain, Switzerland and the United States

Teaching Experience & Professions
1976 - Present Teaching Graphic Designer at the IFRA-Institute at Darmstadt, Germany. Seminaries about configuration at the Universities of Madrid, Barcelona, Valencia, Santander, La Coruña and Pamplona
Guest lecturer at the SND-Congresses at Boston, New York and San Francisco
Art Director for various magazines

1961-64 Studies in Painting at the Art Academy of Berlin, Germany
1958-60 Studies in Graphic Design and Painting at the Folkwangschule in Essen, Germany