Katarina Radenkovic

was born 06.April 1972. in Serbia. She is a graduate civil engineer , artist and the student of ITAcademy, direction of Design and Multimedia . Her works decorate homes around the world.

“Unafraid to face the enormous competition in the art scene, I began to work and presentation files as follows only his own thought. And I did it!
The greatest pleasure for me to think that in a short time that I have the media present sales of over a hundred of my paintings and that they are part of one's living space.
It is important to be constantly active and does not recur. The world is in constant search for new ways of artistic expression that allows me to almost everything. By combining the techniques and elements of collage art stylized representations of urban areas with a pronounced architectonics, with elements of pop, female figures, symbols and allusions to the metropolitan media jungle.
The pictures are kind of testimony about the time that is behind us. My work will remain as a record current of modern life. "
In London in "Brick Lane Gallery " , Katarina will exhibit her work from 7 to 21 November 2011.


Gallery-European house in Nis a part of Film festival;
Nis Cultural Center;
National Museum in Vranje;
Gallery-Museum in Pirot;

Collective Exhibition:

2010th Zrenjanin-Cultural Center, the exhibition format 30x30;
2009th she received the invitation to participate in the Colony "Save Sumanovica roads;
2008th -Participation in the regional festival of Artists in Cacak;
Second Prize at the annual exhibition of selective members of the "Luna";
2007th Zrenjanin-Cultural Center, the exhibition format 30x30;

Since 2007th - International exhibition of women artists at the Cultural Center Majdanpek
Since 2005th -Collective exhibition of "Luna" in Nis Cultural Center;