Malgorzata Korenkiewicz

Born in Jawor 1968. She lives and works in Wroclaw.Malgorzata Korenkiewicz studied at the Academy of Fine Arts in Wroclaw(1989-1994) at the Faculty of Painting under the supervision of prof. K. Jarodzki, second degree in graphic at the atelier of screen-printing as well as at the atelier of visual structures where she created short films.Beetwen 1995 and 1998 she designed costumes (collections:"Transparent" and "Only for men")During the same time,she created ,in cooperation whit Telewizja Dolnoslaska TV, two short films: "Super String" and "Cat's smiling".Currently Korenkiewicz works whit easel and wall painting as well as painting on silk. She has been sculpting in ice and snow since 2001 and she has been awarded in prestigious international competitions.Since 2008 she has been doing big sand sculpture projects.


2010-IV sand sculpture festival , Gdansk, Poland
2010-Die 1.Warnemunder Sandwelt, Warnemunde, Germany
2010-Solo exhibition ,painting:"Karuzela", PGSz Legnica, Poland
2010-National and international snow sculpture contest, Valloire ,France
2009-"Eiszeit 7.Wekcome to the Jungle"-international ice sculpture project, Rostock, Germany
2009-Atelier international d'artistes, Gentioux , France
2009-"Design-antydesign" collective exhibition in Museum of Architecture ,Wroclaw ,Poland
2009-III International Sand Sculpture Festival, Gdansk,Poland
2009-19 International biennial of humour and satire in the arts, Gabrovo, Bulgaria
2009-International sand sculpture festival :Karl's sand country, Rovershagen, Germany
2009-Internacional Concourse de Sculpture sur Neige, Valloire, France, publics award
2008-"Eiszeit 6.Galaxie" ,international ice sculpture project, Rostock, Germany
2008-II Sand Sculpture Festival, Gdansk, Poland
2008-"Kinkiet"collect exhibition,Browar Mieszczanski, Wroclaw, Poland
2008-18 Festival Internazionale Sculture di Neve,Innichen,San Vigil,Italy
2007-"Eiszeit 5.Atlantis" International Ice Sculpture Project,Rostock,Germany
2007-indyvidual exhibition painting,"Inny Slask" Tarnowskie Gory, Poland
2007-"Art spanner"-Galerie Schober, Dortmund, Germany
2007-Polish art exhibition, Svensk Konst & Antik,Malmo, Sweden
2006-"Angels"- collective exhib. painting,Marienlyst Slot Museum, Helsingor, Danmark
2006-"Eiszeit 4"- Internationale ice sculpture project , Rovershaven,Germany
2006-"Drogi twórcze" collective exhibition Art Fabrik Gallery, Wuppertal, Germany
2006-indywidual painting exhibition, gallery"Pod plafonem", Wroclaw, Poland
2006-"The woman's art show",collective paintings, Hampshire, England
2006- 11th Harbin International Snow Sculpture Competition,China, III prize
2006- Harbin International Ice Sculpture Contest, China
2005-"3 Eiszeit"- Internationale ice sculpture project,Rostock, Germany
2005-"ciag dalszy,rzezba" sculpture, gallery BWA ,Wroclaw, distinction, Poland
2005-Indywidual exhibition,painting on a silk, Gallery BB,Wroclaw, Poland
2005-"faux pas" individual exhibition,"Epicentrum gallery",Jastrzebie Zdrój, Poland
2005-“Slaskie lato w Toskanii”- collective exhibition, Palagio di Parte Guelfa Florencja, Toskania , Italy 2005-painting collective exhibition ,Artahead gallery,Basel,Schwitzerland
2005-“She in the art”- painting collective exhibition, Warsaw , Poland
2005-Indywidual exhibition, paintings.Gallery Pryzmat, Krakow , Poland
2005-“The Art of Love”-OXO Tower Gallery,London ,England
2005-collective exhibitions, paintings, Art Palace, Lwow,Ukraine
2005-22eme concours international de sculpture sur neige,Valloire ,Francja 2 nd prize
2005-concours de sculpture sur glace 2005,Valloire , Francja
2004-collective exhibition,painting ,Ruzomberok, Slovakia
2004- collective exhibition,paintings, Wilde Gallerie ,Dusseldorf,Duisburg , Niemcy
2004-“ci ag dalszy, malarstwo” paintings, BWA Gallery,Wroclaw, Poland
2004-VII International Art Symposjum,further exhibition Myslenice , Poland
2004-Art Symposjum in Osieki , Poland
2004-“spojrzenia uwolnione”paintings, Municipal Museum Arsenal in Wroclaw , Poland
2004- “Painting of the 2003 year Final” Museum of X. Dunikowski Krolikarnia,Warszawa , Poland 2004-“Sno festival” attendance award,Kiruna ,Sweden
2004-“14 Festival Internazionale di sculture di Neve” 1 st prize San Vigil and 2 nd prize Innichen ,Italy 2003-indywidual paintings exhibition,”Art gallery” Municipal Center of Art Rybnik , Poland
2003-VI International Art Symposjum ,further exhibition ,Myslenice, Rouvroy France further exhibition 2003-indywidual paintings exhibition “Inny Slask art gallery” Tarnowskie Gory , Poland
2003-“Ars Erotica” BWA Gallery ,Legnica , Poland
2003-indywidual paintings exhibition “Photo art gallery” ,Swidnica , Poland
2003-“13 Festival Internazionale di Sculture Di Neve” 1 st prize ,San Vigil, Italy
2001-XXIV exhibition of the Fine Arts of the Cooper Field,BWA Legnica , Poland
2001-“santa familia”ice sculpture show for TV Azteca Mexico city,Mexico
2001-“pilots” ice sculpture ,Fairbanks ,Alaska ,USA
2001-World Ice Art Championships,5 th prize multiblock,Fairbanks USA
1999-“XXIII exhibition of the Fine Arts of the Cooper Field” BWA, Legnica ,Poland
1999-WRO Media Art Biennale Film Festival, Wroclaw , Poland
1998- indywidual exhibition “El gallery” BWA, Elblag , Poland
1998-“Entropia Gallery” short film show.Wroclaw , Poland
1997-“modamedia 5” New Generation fashion show. Jaracz Theatre ,Lodz Poland
1997- Show on the occasion of the exhibition of the art of Andy Warhol, BWA Bielsko-Biala , Poland 1997-“Still Life”collective paintings exhibition, BWA, Sieradz , Poland
1997-“The Fine Arts of the artists of the Euroregion Nysa” Regional Museum Jawor, Poland, further exhibition Gorlitz in Germany and Turnov in Czech
1996-“Debuts Fall 96” fashion show Music Academy Wroclaw Poland
1996-Show on the occasoin of the 50 anniversary of the Academy of Fine Arts in Wroclaw,Museum of History, Wroclaw , Poland
1996-Vanguard Fashion Show in Ksiaz castel Walbrzych , Poland
1996-Finals of the X Contest for “Srebrna Petelka” Poznan's Fashion Week ,Poland
1996-Elimination of the designers on the contest for “Srebrna Petelka”TV5 Wroclaw , Poland
1996-Symposjum and further exhibition Museum of Architecture, Glogow , Poland
1996-Review of the polish New Media Art WRO Polish Monitor ,Wroclaw , Poland
1995-XXI Exhibition of the Fine Arts of the Cooper Field BWA, Legnica , Poland
1995-“Transparent” for TV canal + fashion show , Poland
1995-“Transparent” fashion show ,Gallery Design BWA, Wroclaw , Poland
1995-“Provocations”95”fashion show Lublin , Poland
1995-All Polish Review of the Young Art “Promotions 94”,BWA Legnica ,Poland
1995-Indywidual exhibition,Art Center,Dramatic Theatre,Legnica , Poland
1994-Exhibition of works graduating from the Academy,Municipal gallery Wroclaw, Poland
1993-Indywidual exhibition “Entropia gallery” Wrocla w, Poland
1992-Common exhibition” 750 years of the town Jawor” Regional Museum Jawor, Poland