Byung Suk Choi

Born in Seoul, 1959.
Contemporary Artist,
Member of Seoul Fine Arts Association
Creative Director, CEO in Hong-in Group Co., Ltd./ OZ Communication

In our life Life is an endless journey along the bright path and dark path.

Sometimes, we are so happy and impressed that we drop tears or encounter inner conflicts when we are faced with hardship that is too tremendous to be overcome and bring ourselves to the brink of death.

Through the ordeal of life, we go up along the tranquil mountainside or cross the valley.

We once again realize that all things - the infinite blue sky, trees which are green or not green, water flowing along the valley, rocks forming the valley and bearing the traces of long history, and myself who is walking on them ? are part of what comprise the nature.

From a certain moment, I have thought the time to be so valuable. And I came to like all stones, whether they are the rocks in valley or stonewall. I began to put them in my pocket and come home.

They have different appearance. Looking closely, they are concealing the countenance that suits their age. It seems really futile to mimic their countenance.

That is because a close look at a stone which snuggly fits into the palm makes me feel the eternity .

I have been and am looking for them, attracted by their futile charm; I grab the brush and paint the time.