Frieda Waanders | artist                    

Frieda Waanders carves sculptures of natural stone. She lives and works in her hometown Den Ham, The Netherlands.

Frieda has an atelier at home, besides she regularly works in her studio in Almelo, which is part of an artists collective. She sculpts in marble, freestone, alabaster and serpentine, sometimes combined with steel. All sculptures are hand shaped with hammer and chisel, after which they are completed by grinding, sanding and polishing.

Within an abstract or stylized shape, Frieda is constantly looking for a balance between material and form, showing both to better advantage so they intensify one another in apparent simplicity and appeal to one’s imagination. The natural stone always forms the initial basis for her creativity, but Frieda is inspired by people and nature as well.

Current exhibitions are listed on her website

- Brink 9, 7683 BP Den Ham, The Netherlands
- Kunstwerkplaats, Nicolaas Beetsstraat 26, Almelo, The Netherlands