Ingrid Duch

Painter and Graphic Artist
Born Denmark
1958 Graduate of Fuenen´s Art Academy
1982 Member of Fuenen´s Graphic Workshop and Guest Atelier Hollufgård Member of Bikkedkunstnernes Forbund, Danish Artist Association Member of Alexandria Atelier, Egypt

1986 “ Animal look at Animal! Odense Zoo, Denmark
1987 “ Gallery Westing”, Odense
1989 “Danish Graphic in Cairo” Cairo Atelier, Egypt
1991 “Sierpinski´s Triangel” rotating Installation, Gallery Nøglebæk, Odense
1991 “Sierpinsk´s Triangel” rotating Installation, Gallery project, Copenhagen
1992 “ Angels Roll with Lawrence, The Dog and the Holy Spirit” Gallery Nøglebæk, Odense
1992 “Alexandria Atelier, Alexandria . Egypt
1994 “From Eternity to Eternity” Church and Fresco, Gallery Project, Copenhagen
1996 “ Hans Christians Andersen´s House” Fairytales in graphic and Collage, Odense
2003 “ Wall Decoration for Children’s Hospital, Odense
2004 “ The old Warehouse” City of Køge, Art Society
2005 “ Myth and Legends” Gallery Gerly, Copenhagen
2006 “Mythological Fragments” gallery Progress, Horsens
2007 “Laughing Bear” Travelling Graphic Exhibition, USA
2007 “ Immigrants” Travelling Exhibition, USA
2008 “ Exhibition in the Old Vicarage, Birkerød
2009 “ Exhibition in Gallery Rasmus, Copenhagen
2009 “ Dublin Graphic Museum” Dublin
2009 “ To where do we go” Installation, The Old Smithy, Odense
2010 “ II” Sculpture Exhibition, Hollufgård Park, Odense
2010 “ Museum of Fine Art” Odense
2010 “ Yellow Horse” Gallery Progress, Horsens
2010 “ Ameland Art Festival” Ameland, Holland
2011 “ Project Horse” Skanderborg Culture Institute,

Awards, stipends and grants

The Egyptian National Stipend
1989 and 1991 Thyco´s Fund
2007 Study residency in Berlin
2007 Study residency in Seattle
2007 Guest Atelier Hollufgård Travel scholarship
2009 Travel stipend to Barcelona