Jan Vosman

 “…a day without drawing is a wasted day…” My uncommissioned work consists almost exclusively of very detailed pen drawings. This black and white world fascinates me. Although familiar with graphic techniques, I don't feel the need to do graphic work; one image of whatever captivates me at that moment is sufficient.

My black-and-white world is the perfect setting for the stories I have to tell. I see myself as an observer, who watches daily life from the sidelines. What I see passing by surprises and amazes me more and more each day. And, I understand less and less of it… With a smile and a chuckle here and there, I record all of this in my personal drawings. I am not critical, just surprised; and I want to share this emotion with the viewer.

I try to summarize my images in very short titles. Often these consist of only a noun: “the fear”, “the dialogue”, "the vision”. Ultimately, it is the viewer him- or herself who has to make up a story to go along with the often absurd or puzzling drawings. It was only by coincidence that I became involved years ago in the depiction of monumental homes and industrial buildings. Since that time I have drawn dozens of historic properties – usually as part of a series commissioned by public institutions or private individuals (see the images in series kanaal Almelo-Nordhorn and het project Edese monumenten). Aside from these black-and-white drawings, I also design abstract geometric compositions that are executed in tempera paint.

My abstract geometric work, executed in tempera paint, may appear to be far removed from my pen drawings, but actually the opposite is the case. In making my pen drawings I search (sometimes endlessly) for the right composition. Eventually a figurative image is constructed in black, white and grey. In making my tempera paintings, I search just as long for the right composition. The resulting image is abstract and made in red, blue, yellow, black, white and grey. The two types of end products are equally thought out, constructed and detailed. The images are always completed by hand, and in both cases offer a myriad of detail to be discovered. This makes them ideal wall hangings for a dentist’s waiting room, for example, or for the waiting room of any other (figuratively or literally) nerve-racking specialist.