Ineke Christiaans

I was born in Ewijk (The Netherlands) in 1957. I started drawing and painting when I was still a young girl. I followed some courses, such as model and portrait painting. With exception of the few courses I took, I am self taught (trial and error).

In the beginning I worked figuratively, (for example portraits on order). After following a course in salsa dancing I became interested in, and I painted a few dancing scenes. Also the physical movement in sport impressed and inspired me. That resulted in a few sports paintings.

In 2008 I was nominated, in the top four, out of 100 other contestants, both amateur and professional, for, The Maas and Waal Provincial Art Prize.
In 2009 I found myself back in the top four out of 150 other contestants, for the same prize.
Then in 2011, I received the 1st place Jury-Prize for my painting; Waiting Room.

Currently, Iím inspired by the abstract ,and paint exclusively in that style. In the beginning that new style (abstract) was a struggle. To free myself from the figurative style was a real battle. Now Iím more open and free with it. Painting without planning. This resulted in colour-rich, expressive work, made in acrylic on canvas.

I hope that when you view these paintings, you experience as much pleasure and freedom it gave me, in making them.