Ditta Engel

Her life has Ditta Engel already felt as an artist, but that same life initially proposed other priorities . Now they diligently follow her dream . One after another picture emerges naturally under her hands . Ditta feels in perfect harmony with what she does .

The house Ditta Engel and her husband live in Fekke Heiloo , is blessed with a wonderful private sculpture of more than two thousand square meters . A walk on the trails leads past fifty exhibited bronzes. An experience that is experienced. Was very special because of the many visitors to the garden When Ditta fifteen years ago, decided to open up the sculpture to the public immediately ran to her surprise storm. "My mother is a celebrity in Heiloo , though they do not know themselves ," says son Marius , who like Fekke its part contributes to the success of Ditta 's company . For an artist is also an entrepreneur, stressed Ditta . " The creative process is about a third of the work , the rest of the time is spent on the organization . Fekke is very precise , he is responsible for the art which helps with making the molds and manufactures the sockets for my images "Even the spacious , cozy studio in the middle of the garden was single-handedly built . . In these beautiful surroundings

Ditta gives several times a year a workshop. In two days the participants are under supervision Ditta 's an image of wax, which is then cast in bronze. " They are always very nice and inspiring days ," says Ditta . " Art brings people together ! "


Ditta is a real people person. In her work, people often figure in a group , not alone, but supported . Relationships between people and emotions such as friendship are strikingly displayed . Ditta 's images show how she lives : and moved into contact , honest and direct , playful and humorous . Nature is a second source of inspiration . "I love space . That's why I can be so intensely enjoy this wonderful garden with my own birds in my trees . " At an early age Ditta has spent much time in Africa . Terres des Hommes she helped Sudanese refugees in the former Belgian Congo . She made a lot of them , and claims to be there to become stronger. Africa still affects her work , many images have exotic features. Ditta is self-taught and therefore has a style that is original. Her work has a stylized form , but it is rough . The diversity is striking . Ditta : "I try not to linger in success , but to renew . For that matter , I have a lot on my son Marius , he 's my biggest critic ! " Sculptors Ditta who admires his Henry Moore , Barbara Hepworth , Hetty Heysterbachstraat , Marie Andriessen and Rodin .


Ditta makes great images and small images for both outside and inside . Besides free work also produced images commissioned as memorials or commemorative monuments. All of her sculptures are cast in bronze . "That's quite an investment , but bronze is such beautiful and robust material. If the elements have free play on the outdoor sculptures , the patinas change and overcome the images over the years to riches . "

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