Lauren Jay Wondra

Dubbed the "Girly Picasso," Lauren Jay Wondra is a dynamic cubist artist tipped hottest new rising star in London's contemporary underground art scene. This year, she is named and featured in the 2013 Important World Artist publication after having headlined art shows in both Europe and the US with Global Showcase after being inducted as a 2012 International Contemporary Master. Her vast and dazzling repertoire has earned her a glamorous international membership within the “Escapism” art movement, where she enjoys critical acclaim from a devoted fanbase which spans six continents, most notably in the US, UK, Europe, UAE, Brazil, Mexico, Colombia, Europe, Japan, China, Saudi Arabia and India. She exhibits around the world with Saatchi Gallery, Global Art Agency, Global Biennial, Anarte Gallery, Premier Art, Curious Duke, Portabello Art & Design, John Palmer Art Gallery, Gary Barlow Art and speed-paints live at her VIP privately-curated shows held at luxury hotels like Claridge's and Soho House clubs worldwide.