Alda Poulussen

"Your sculptures make me happy, I have to laugh"

Alda Poulussen was born in 1952 in 's-Hertogenbosch. She followed signs training in Tilburg and textile art in Arnhem. A reflection of this latest program is shown in the way they make with fabric structure on its bronzes or provide them with clothing.

Alda Poulussen makes two kinds of sculptures. Fat female figures, which clearly did not bother to showcase their size unconcerned, calling glee at the viewer. They seem extremely confident in the way they enjoy life moment in which they live. There are tall, slender figures. These figures give more expression to experiment with fabrics and colors. The character of these figures is rather introverted and decorative. However, both types of images are characterized by a strong shape retention, they are present.

Over the years, Alda Poulussen exhibited in the Netherlands in various places, including in Bel Arte Gallery in Maastricht, Galerie Gauguin in Heeze, Gallery Artihove in Bergschenhoek, Arts & Ko in Amstelveen and at various art fairs. In such exhibits they may receive a lot of positive reactions and consenting, which often lead to purchase.