Curriculum Vitae

HVN 08-11-02
H 190 X D 270mm
Wood: Banksia cones / Bubinga This bowl is made of segments 137
of which 128 are Banksia cones and 9 is Bubinga

HVN 07-13-01
H 310 x D 300mm
Wood: Bog Oak / Ash Elm This jar is made of 442 segments,
of which 217 are elm, 144 Bog oak and 81 of Ash

HVN 02-14-01
H40 x D 320mm
Wood: Muira / Banksia cones This dish is made of 25 segments,
13 of which are Banksia cones, 12 are Muira

HVN 03-13-01
H 530 X D 320mm
Wood: red oak / ash This vase is made of 568 segments,
of which 214 are red oak and 354 are Ash

HVN 10-07-01
H 100 X D 250mm
Wood: Ash and Purple Heart This bowl is made of 134 segments,
of which 68 are Ask, and 66 Purple Heard