Alkistis Wechsler


As my art and my life are interwoven, most of what should belong in this article I have already written in my artist's biography. However, my artist's statement could sound like that:

'Explore and express the unknown-self by handmade images. Mostly, in the past, my inside-self was navigating on the same waves with what my contemporary fellows were bearing in their hearts. That provided enthusiastic visitors to my exhibitions and satisfied collectors of my artwork.
Between then and now there is a gap of 12 years without exhibitions, in which I mainly looked after my disable partner, but I also made historical researches and new watercolour paintings that resulted to my first digital books, which are looking for prestige publishers to bring them to their print form. This new painting production differs from the past form, in the medium and size used.
Then there were mostly large oil paintings. Now there are modest sizes mostly, and watercolour and ink is the medium.
And now I decided to show out all of the latest painting production as well as the latest series I am working on.

Another aspect of my statement as result of my experience, is to paint only then, when things are pressing to come out from inside my soul, and when things from the outer world are inviting me to their transformation in my personal mythology.
Otherwise, in the sunny hours I invite you too, leave the atelier and go out to see the natural, architectural, human and animal environment.

While developing skills which I am familiar with, I also enjoy daring new experiments.

The rest cannot be told; it can only be shown in my paintings, which you are all very welcome to see,comment and possess if you like them!'